Planet Group Management

The Planet Group Management Team comprises of three young talents and each of them comes with an international working background and is committed in leveraging their experiences to take Planet to greater heights by ensuring top line revenues with dynamic capabilities.

Planet Group Management is unique in being able to envision the need of the IT solutions by bringing in a mixture of advanced and latest technology solutions know-how and revamping the organizational make- up for maximum quality services.

This mix of people is persistent to provide unparallel service to its customers, come up with timely and innovative IT products and solution services and to enhance the capabilities of its people while emphasizing on the latest technology. This they believe will take the group to a leadership position in the IT sector of the country.

The objective of Planet Management is to drive the business to maximize the operational excellence and efficiency through acquisition of talent, developing systems, processes and people and through blending in of these to let customers revel in with fulfillment and permanency.

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